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Both of these texts are lovely and speak to children's playful and empathetic approach to the natural world. Graceful and simple, they are perfect for young readers and make excellent complements to Arnold's Green Adventure.

Wave, by Suzy Lee

This is the story of a little girl at the beach, interacting with the waves of the ocean for what may be the first time. Her emotions are reflected in the adorable seagulls around her, and her attitude toward the waves evolves over the course of the story. A wordless, gorgeously illustrated story told in just greys and blue, this book is an important and poetic reflection of both child development and humanity's relationship with nature.

The Curious Garden, by Peter Brown


Also in homage to the High Line, this book tells the story of a boy caring for a garden that then spreads through his city. Innocent and lush, it nurtures children's natural urge to care for things in a "grown-up" way and suggests the importance of stewardship.


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